Phreaks, Hackers, Trolls and Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker

I, personally, can see value in hackers.  As Coleman states in Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls, “[h]ackers do not universally invoke this type of policing between “good” and “bad” or “authentic” and “inauthentic.” Some hackers recognize the diversity of hacking and also acknowledge that, despite differences, hacking hangs together around a loose but interconnected set of issues, values, experiences, and artifacts. For instance, hackers tend to uphold a value for freedom, privacy, and access; they tend to adore computers—the cultural glue that binds them together; they are trained in highly specialized and technical esoteric arts, including programming, systems administration, and security research; some gain unauthorized access to technologies, though the degree of illegality greatly varies (and much of hacking is fully legal)” (45).  There are some instances where even tData-Hacker-Hacking-Computer-Security-Internet-1685092.jpghe government hires hackers to see if they can break into their secure systems and, if so, how did they do it so that they can fix the glitches.

“Hackers’ expert command of technology, their ability to so easily dupe humans in their quest for information, and especially their ability to watch the watchers made them an especially subversive force to law enforcement” (48).  But each hacker, phreak or troll has their own agenda generally.  “The hacker ethic is shorthand for a mix of aesthetic and pragmatic imperatives: a commitment to information freedom, a mistrust of authority, a heightened dedication to meritocracy, and the firm belief that computers can be the basis for beauty and a better world” (44).  Phreaking changed into hacking in the 1970s, however “Trolls work to remind the “masses” that…there is still a class of geeks who…will cause Internet grief, hell, and misery; examples of trolling are legion. Griefers, one particular subset of troll, who roam in virtual worlds and games seeking to jam the normal protocols of gaming, might enact a relatively harmless prank” (48), in other words “A troll is more than the embodiment of the internet hate machine, trolls are the ultimate anti-hero, trolls fuck shit up. Trolls exist to fuck with people, they fuck with people on every level, from their deepest held beliefs, to the trivial. They do this for many reasons, from boredom, to making people think, but most do it for the lulz” (49) to put it more simply.  Trolls enjoy pranking others and find great pleasure in it.

*BEFORE YOU10381434003_2ba31f3283_b WATCH: Due to the time constraint on the video, some of the notes you see on screen go pretty quickly.  If I had to do it over I would remove some pictures to make the parts with words on it on more slowly, or if I had more time flexibility I would have put in everything I wanted to put in it and make the whole video slower so the images could sink in better and you have more time to read the facts.*


Creating a video from scratch was difficult for me.  I had never done anything like that before.  Even though I found this to be a challenge, I did enjoy it.  I ran into a multitude of issues however.  I didn’t use iMovie because I don’t own a Mac and I wasn’t going to pay for it.  So I used Windows Movie Maker Live instead.  I used audacity to do my soundtrack with the music and my audio.  I found 2 songs that were public domain.  I wanted to be a bit humorous and serious at the same time which is why I started with thwindows-movie-maker-2012-05-700x372.pnge song by Sarah Mclachlan and then used a Josh Groban song for the rest.  I found a free public use site for sound effects and found the record scratch sound.  I recorded my audio and put it in and added silence to where I needed to.  I autoducked the whole song by Josh Groban so it wouldn’t be loud at the same time I spoke.  I equalized my audio so there wasn’t an echo due to the room I was in when I recorded.  I reduced the background noise and declicked the audio.  I found images on Google and made sure they were available for reuse with modification and created some slides with important information.  I imported the images and slides and audio into Windows Movie Maker and rearranged them where I needed them to be.  One of the problems I ran into was when I saved the images from Google to my laptop I had saved them to my desktop.  Once I had imported them into Movie Maker I had moved the images into a folder to declutter my desktop.  In doing so, I didn’t realize that later on the images would disappear from my video.  I must have remade the video 6 times before I realized what was causing the problem.  Once the video was done, I tried to upload it to YouTube, and had to convert it from WLMP to MP4 format.


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