Memes and Going Viral

picture_2_cThis first meme, Rage Guy, makes me laugh because I feel we can all relate to this when we get mad.  It’s the face we want to make and what we want to scream out sometimes when someone gets us that worked up or angry and yet we have to maintain some composure.  It’s how we feel on the inside.



15121391The second meme I chose was the Futurama Fry/Not Sure If meme because I feel we can all relate to this as well and the faces we make as we try to make those decisions.



The third meme/gif I chose was the Sweet Brown/Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That because it’s catchy and it made us all laugh when we saw it and it went viral because no one was really expecting her to say something like that.  I still to this day say the catch phrase, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Now in a GIF!

(memes from

What is a meme?  According to Patrick Davison, “[a]n Internet meme is a piece of culture, typically a joke, which gains influence through online transmission” (54).  To put it simply, in today’s society, a meme is a humorous image or video, for example, that is copied, changed around, and shared frequently by people which eventually make them go viral.

We don’t generally sit there and ponder as to why we find these images, videos, or GIFs amusing.  Many times it could be because it’s something we have always wanted to say or do or how our subconscious feels.  It’s due to the fact that it can relate to others that makes it funny.

In relation to Ang’s paradigm of “media in everyday life,” memes allow others to be able to speak about various topics, even serious ones, in a humorous light without fear of complete backlash.  Memes also relate to Ang’s “response theory” paradigm because we have the ability, as the audience, to relate to them as I previously mentioned.  Whether it be how you feel when you’re angry, or when battle your subconscious in the Kermit memes, or more, we can relate.  There is a whole meme subculture dedicated to Rutgers University and the students which we can relate to since we go to that school and at some point had to deal with it, for example dealing with a crowded bus.
I share memes a lot to help express myself without having to write the words myself because it perfectly worded or funny as is.  Whether it be a cute romantic meme, or a funny one.  Although I have seen some people copy a meme word for word and post it as their Facebook status which I didn’t think was morally correct.  So I called them out on it because they mainly did it for the likes, and they want people to think they are deep or funny, even though they just stole someone else’s work.  In doing this, I was blocked because apparently people don’t like being told they stole from someone else and publicly humiliated when everyone  that commented assumed that person wrote it themselves.

3 thoughts on “Memes and Going Viral

  1. I liked how you explained each meme and chose various types of memes. The variety showed how different memes can be! The second one is my favorite and I do catch myself making that face frequently.

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  2. Omg I almost forgot about Rage Guy! He is definitely one of the OG memes and he is still a meme that I would use today. I agree with you when you said “We don’t generally sit there and ponder as to why we find these images, videos, or GIFs amusing. Many times it could be because it’s something we have always wanted to say or do or how our subconscious feels.” This is because I feel like using memes are easier than actually typing out a message or trying to covey your point to someone online, especially if you can’t see them in person.


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