Collaborating on the Final Group Project

My group and I had discussed many possibilities when it came to the direction we would like to take in regards to our group project.

First, we looked at each of the three options.  We discussed what was needed in order to complete the task that would also be beneficial in the long run for the client.

We ultimately in the end decided to work on the first project, the natural resource damages.  We felt that there should be an awareness made about this and a clarification on the poll question since even I find myself confused about what is asked at times.  We believe that the money should be given to affected communities only, not directed into general funds when the money obtained is over a certain amount.

We believe that by assisting in this way, voters will be better informed in the upcoming polls as to what they are really voting yes or no to.  The wording on some of these ballot questions tend to be a bit confusing and misconstrued when everyone tries to interpret it in their own ways.

My group and I have some ideas up in the air right now as to how we are going to go about informing the public about this that the client can put up on their site.  Ultimately, in the end, we need to find a way to get the word out quickly that is understandable and possibly interactive.  We thought creating a video would be the best way to do this due to the limited time we have.  We were thinking about possibly going around and asking the public if they heard of the question on the ballot, what they thought it meant and then possibly give them the break down of what it’s asking.  Another idea that was thrown into the mix was creating an interactive video with links (like a game) that would ask a series of questions then at the end tell you what you would have voted for in the ballot.  Then give a description at the end.  Those are just two options at the moment.  We are still brainstorming to figure out what the best option is.


4 thoughts on “Collaborating on the Final Group Project

  1. Doing a video to explain the poll question is a great idea. The word needs to spread because there are many voters going to the polls that do not know what is going on. They don’t understand what the words mean or what they are referring to. It’s important to understand what the “natural resources damages” question is referring to.


    1. I agree, the group needs to start communicating more. I don’t like waiting until last minute and everyone needs to participate. I feel like there are some who aren’t contributing.


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