Narrative: Final Group Project

For the final group project that we are working on, we came up with three ideas to help aid in educating the public.  We collaborated with one another and discussed many possibilities when it came to the direction we would like to take in regards to our group project.  We assessed each option to better understand what was needed to complete the tasks.  We also needed to maintain an idea that would be beneficial and easy for the client to use.

The first project, the natural resource damages, is what we decided to work on collectively.  There should be an awareness made and a clarification on the poll question that will be in the upcoming November ballot.  The money should be given to affected communities only, not directed into general funds even if the money obtained is over a certain amount.  In choosing this topic, we hope that voters will be better informed in the upcoming polls as to what they are really voting yes or no to because sometimes the wording on these ballot questions can get confusing and everyone has their own interpretation.

Even though my group has multiple ideas on how we should go about informing the public, in the end, we need to find a way to get the word out quickly that is understandable and possibly interactive that the client can use.  The three ideas we had were to create an educational and informative video, which I like as a main choice.  I feel it would be the best way to convey the accurate message of the ballot question due to the limited time we have.  We were thinking about going around and asking people if they heard of the question on the ballot, what they thought it meant and then give them the true interpretation.

Another idea that the group has was creating an interactive video with links (like a game) that would ask a series of questions then at the end tell you what you would have voted for in the ballot.  Then give a description at the end.  I personally don’t know how this would work.  It may also get too complicated for the client to use.

The third idea was to create an infographic.  But I feel we could just insert the infographic into the video if we create one.

I’m leaning more towards the video.  If we just create a three to five minute video explaining the ballot question and make it some what interactive, it would be easier than people just reading facts off a screen and still misconstruing it.  Plus the client would be able to just share the link to the video onto their websites.  So it’s user friendly.


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