Group Project Reflection: Getting the Word Out

For the final group project I felt as if I had to take on a leadership role.  We all have busy schedules so in order to make sure assignments were done on time I stressed outwould send reminders to the other members of my group about the assignments.  Sometimes we would be cutting deadlines close, which would be very stressful.

For the paper, I decided to do the introduction and the people aspect.  There were six parts to the paper and only five of us.  So either one person was going to have to do two sections or one section would have been completed by all members.  In order to make sure the assignment was done on time, I just volunteered to do two parts so that I know for sure that it is completed without worry.

Working collaboratively with all of our hectic schedules proved to be difficult.  It made meetups impossible.  We were only able to meet up a couple times but not as a whole group due to the fact that we all have different schedules.  When we actually worked together is was fine and we were able to come up with ideas but it’s hard when not everyone is together for a meetup and we need to change something because even if we send a text in our group chat, some people wouldn’t respond back for hours which isn’t conducive when you’re on a time constraint.

I felt as if I was a good team member.  I’m sure I may have seemed a bit pushy when I texted constantly to the group to try and make sure everything was done on time and trying to make sure that everyone contributed to the project.

I don’t believe I missed any meetings because as I said meetups were very difficult for my group.  We primarily talked through group chats or on Google Hangouts a couple times if we couldn’t set a date and time for some of us to meet in person.

I don’t feel like the contributions were equal in any sense.  I did feel as if I assumed a greater role because I had to assume a pseudo-leadership role because I wanted to make sure everything was done on time.  But also at the same time each person did something different, for instance, when we recorded the video, which only three of us were able to meet up for, one of the members took the video and edited it and put it together onto YouTube.  But I still didn’t feel everyone had an equal contribution in the project.


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