About Me

I aspire to be something and someone great! The road to success is always rocky but I’m making my way through this roller coaster called “life” just like everyone else.

I work full-time in a hospital pharmacy and go to school part-time.

I’m very outgoing, friendly, caring, always on my toes, hard-working and more.

I love my New Jersey Devils hockey, traveling, dining out and more.

I basically plan on using these blogs to discuss a wide array of topics from: things on my mind, important topics, just general topics, and more.  I want to freely express myself, and explore my creative writing.  Sometimes I may write short stories or poems and more that may or may not be true in regards to my life.  So I guess I’ll leave that all up to the imagination of you, the reader!

This header has borrowed and remixed images from http://miriadna.com/preview/sunrise-in-paradise and https://www.pexels.com/photo/blur-book-close-up-decoration-288008/